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Our Story

indoor gardenGarden in the Box began as a dream for our founder, Barak Yaari. For those with small patios, decks and backyards, growing organic vegetable and herb gardens was challenging. Typically, vegetable gardens required larger spaces and prior gardening knowledge. After several design tweaks, the Garden in a Box collection was created. Whether starting a garden from seed or growing fruits and vegetables all year long, Garden in a Box offers everything needed to start an organic garden inside or outside and in a smaller space!

We decided to develop compact, all-inclusive, stylish container vegetable garden kits that include everything you need to create your own backyard garden in urban areas. Our garden kits are designed to work in backyards, balconies, decks, rooftops, porches, patios, and even indoors! Including our natural, premium soilless potting mix with coconut coir, automatic drip irrigation system, and aluminum framed generous planting areas, these kits are an all-in-one kit from seed to fruit.

butterfly gardenAdditionally, Barak’s love for butterflies created our butterfly garden kits with specific local native flowers that provide essential food sources for our pollinator friends! These butterfly habitat gardens aim to create the much-needed habitat essential for these lovely creatures. The organic flower seeds collection is easy to grow and provide food longevity for honey bees, wild bees, butterflies, other pollinator insects, and birds!

Our Garden in a Box collection features container, seedling, raised bed and vertical garden kits. The endless benefits include:

  • Grow your own organic produce
  • Know your food is fresh and organic
  • Know your food was not handled by lots of people
  • Know your food didn’t travel half way across the world to your plate
  • Enjoy the process of gardening with your family
  • Watch the plants develop, grow, bloom, and fruit
  • Eat healthy and sustainable food

child gardeningTeaching your children hands on about gardening is a great way to demonstrate sustainable living right in your own home. They can learn how to plant seeds, transplant seedlings, water vegetables and herbs, and harvest organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables in their own patio garden. Children can enjoy that connection with nature and adopt a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

So, adopt a healthy lifestyle, introduce your children to nature, and get started growing your own organic garden!

What makes you unique

You are enthusiastic about growing your own food!

You are growing organic healthy produce at home and have fun doing it!

You have taken some time to connect with nature and have adopted a healthy lifestyle!

You've created a butterfly habitat and are now helping this amazing creatures!