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About Us

Garden in a Box was founded from a dream of its founder, Barak Yaari, to allow people, even those that do not have great backyards to grow their own organic fresh herbs and vegetables and enjoy the so many benefits that this activity provides.

From growing your own produce, knowing it is fresh and organic, knowing it was not handled by tens of people and traveled half of the world to get to your plate, to enjoying the process itself, watching how the plants develop, bloom and fruit. There is so much satisfaction in it. 

Children enjoy this activity very much, it is wonderful to teach them from a young age how food is grown, enjoy the connection with nature and adopting a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

So, we set to develop compact, all inclusive, stylish kits that include everything you need and allow people in urban areas to use them successfully and grow their own produce.

Our kits are designed to work in Balconies, Decks, Roof tops, Porches, Patios indoors, and of course if desired Backyards.

The kits include our natural, premium growing media, automatic drip irrigation system, fertilizer and generous planting areas.

So, try us, adopt a healthy lifestyle, introduce your children to nature and if produce is not your thing create a butterfly habitat!!