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Create a butterfly and pollinator habitat on your balcony!

In every Harmony Butterfly Garden, we include an organic collection of sunflower, borage, poppies, calendula and echinacea seeds that are commonly grown in gardens in the United States. They’re all easy to grow and provide food over long periods of time for honey bees, wild bees, butterflies, other pollinator insects, and birds. You can also supplement these plants with local native varieties, especially milkweed plants, which is a favorite of Monarch butterflies!

organic flower seeds with buttterfly garden in a box
With our compact, all-inclusive butterfly garden kits, you can provide essential food sources for our pollinator friends! These kits aim to create the much-needed habitats essential for the survival of these lovely creatures. 
  • Each kit is specially tailored for growing nectar and host plants on balconies, decks, porches, and rooftops.
  • The aluminum frame is compact, lightweight, and easily movable alongside three vinyl planters with spacious growing area.
  • The automatic drip irrigation systems include an irrigation timer, water tank, backflow, pressure regulator, and drip lines.
  • A mixed collection of flower seeds is included in each kit with our own premium potting mix.

Our Butterfly Gardens

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Create a butterfly and pollinator feeding station

Includes a feeding plate to place nectar or fruits

Organic collection of selected flower seeds

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Specially tailored for growing pollinator plants